15 Best Android Apps For College Students

Our smart devices, such as Android and other Android-based gadgets, are increasingly used around the world. In the past, students had to use laptops to help them with their assignments. But Android has the ability to do all that and more with incredible dependability.

You’re a student? This is the right place for you. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best Android apps that every student should have.

Below are the Top Android Apps for College Students.

These applications were designed for students to help them in their academics. Let’s now take a look at some of the best applications for college students.

  1. CamScanner

CamScanner, a mobile app, allows you to scan and save, sync, share, and collaborate on various documents using your smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop.

This app can be used to scan important notes, assignments and other papers from your Android smartphone. It will also serve as a reference tool for the future.

Mobile Scanner
Quick Search
Extract text from image
Send PDF/JPEG files to others
Print and Fax

  1. Evernote

Evernote, a cloud-based workplace, syncs across all your devices. You can stay productive from anywhere. Evernote gives you the tools to share, discuss, interact, and collaborate with others.

It is well-known for its note-taking abilities. This software can be used to add photos, videos and reminders to your notes.

Make notes, checklists and do research.
Organise web articles, documents, and photos
You can discuss your work with others right inside the app

  1. WPS Office + PDF

As a college student, you might be required to work with many PDF or text files. WPS Office + PDF can open Microsoft office files.

WPS Office +PDF also contains a PDF reader, which can be used to view the PDF files in the paid version. It’s an excellent Android office suite software.

  1. RealCalc Plus

RealCalc Plus Pro is the best scientific calculator for Android. This calculator software is designed to look and function like a hand-held calculator.

It has all of the typical scientific operations, as well as fractions, degrees/minutes/seconds, histories, memories, unit conversions that may be customised, and constants.

RPN or traditional algebraic operation
Fraction calculation and conversion to/from decimal
Degrees/minutes/seconds calculations and conversion
12-digit display

  1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an open-source encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to. Wikipedia articles and the app code are both open-source. Wikipedia allows you to contribute.

Wikipedia could be a great learning tool for students. Wikipedia has information on almost every topic.

Tabbed browsingTapping and holding a link will open it in a new tab. This allows you to continue reading the article and switch to the new tab when you are ready.
Previews of the linkClicking on a link displays a preview of that article. This allows you to quickly see the connection without losing your current position.

  1. Todolist

This is one the most fascinating applications for college students. More than 4 million people use Todoist, a delightfully simple task management and to-do list that is designed for modern life.

Todoist can help you achieve more every day. It’s there for you whether you need to work together, track your most important tasks, or pay your rent.

You can manage your tasks anywhere, even offline.
You can plan ahead so you don’t miss another deadline
You can take your to-do list to the next level by adding sub-tasks, projects, color-coded project and priority levels.
The app allows you to share projects, assign tasks and add comments.

  1. Feedly

College students are often overwhelmed with information and lack the time to keep up with all of it. Feedly may be the perfect choice for college students. Feedly is a one-stop source for news from all your favorite publications.

Feedly lets you create collections for your favorite periodicals, podcasts and YouTube channels. You will also receive notifications when new articles or videos are published by Feedly.

  1. Scribd

Imagine if I said that you could have the best books, audiobooks and periodicals, as well as news, papers, sheets music and other information, for less than a paperback.

Scribd is the only app that you will ever need to immerse your self in a topic, keep informed, learn something new, or escape into an amazing story.

Each month you will receive 3 books and 1 audiobook.
You have unlimited access to the largest document collection in the world, including government papers, university dissertations and scientific investigations.
Enjoy a selection from audiobooks and books that our editors hand-picked for you.
You can store titles offline, so you can access them when you need them.

  1. Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary of English is an online dictionary that includes Oxford University Press material.

This dictionary is appropriate for students, professionals, academics, and anyone who needs an authoritative English dictionary.

Search autocomplete helps you quickly find terms by suggesting words as you type.
Keyword lookup can be used to search for complex words or phrases.
A ‘Wildcard’ (‘*’ and ‘?’) can be used to replace a letter or entire section of a word. It also includes an automated ‘Fuzzy Filter’ to correct spelling.
Camera’s search function searches for words in the viewfinder, and displays the results.
You may share word meanings with installed apps on your smartphone.

  1. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Hi-Q MP3 voice recorder sets new standards in mobile sound recording. If you are looking for the best Android app to record audio lectures, this could be it.

It is packed with options and customization options. The program outperforms other recording software due to its high-fidelity 44 KHz audio sampling.

Just open the app, and you are ready to go! By pressing the red button, you can immediately start recording.
Real-time recordings can be saved as MP3 files, which are small enough that they can be played almost anywhere.
You can easily free up space on your smartphone by transferring your recordings to Dropbox automatically.

  1. Mathway – Math Problem Solver

Mathway is an Android-exclusive math solution software. Mathway is able to solve even the most difficult arithmetic problems and provide step-by-step instructions. Simply point the Mathway’s camera at any math problem to get the answer.

The app scans the question and provides step-by-step instructions on how to answer it.

Mathway is easy to use and efficient. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to solve mathematical problems.
Solves Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra
The app covers Trigonometry and Precalculus as well as Calculus, Calculus Linear Algebras, Chemistry, Graphing and more.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is without doubt the most popular cloud storage provider. You can quickly store your documents using Google Drive. You can also invite others to view, modify or comment on any files or folders.

It is a cloud storage service with 15GB storage. There you can store all your study materials.

Securely store your files, and you can access them from anywhere.
You can search for files using name and content.
You can easily share files and folders.
You can quickly view your content.

  1. Studious

Studious will make sure that you never worry about your phone being turned off during class. Studious will make it impossible to forget about schoolwork or exams.

The software has a great note function, which allows you to enter any information you wish, such as the name or building of your classroom.

In class, silence your phone
Remember when tests and homework are due
Keep notes

  1. Mint

Mint is an Android money application that’s extremely useful.

It is a budgeting program that tracks your spending. To track your spending patterns, and balances, you can connect your bank account.

Take a comprehensive look at your financial situation.
You can track bills alongside your account balances.
You don’t need to log in to multiple websites to keep track your finances.

  1. CALCU

CALCU is an attractive calculator application for Android devices.

Although the app is known for its attractive design, it also includes scientific features and displays the history calculations. CALCU is a great application for college students.

Beautiful, intuitive interface that uses gesture-based navigation and control
Instant results of your calculations are displayed as soon as you enter them
To reveal the scientific keypad, swipe up on the keypad

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